Registration is officially OPEN for the 2021 Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon!

Unfortunately due to capacity restrictions we have to PAUSE registration at this time as we have reached our limit of 60 people. We will reopen once we are permitted more people in the space.
The price for the event this year will be $150 for FULL PASSES

We do not know yet if we will be able to allow single passes or walk ins.


Due to the constantly evolving COVID situation we are currently only offering
FULL PASSES at this moment and we are currently only allowed 60 in the space.

As the situation evolves we will be opening up the event to more people and may be able to allow walk-ins. As of now however we have to follow all guidelines set by both Mahalls 20 Lanes and the state of Ohio.



8 thoughts on “REGISTRATION

  1. hey guys, i’m not sure if i missed it but what’s your refund/transfer policy? thanks and congrats! hugs, locoh

  2. I have been literally dreaming of dancing tango, especially with this zany, lovely bunch, and have a win-win proposition. I have some airline credit from a cancelled flight to a festival last year and am looking for a traveling companion to the marathon. I would take care of booking the tickets with consideration of your schedule and you wouldn’t need to travel alone. You would just pay me directly for your ticket. I get to make use of my extra credit and you get a delightful traveling companion who will take care of all the details. Win-win! 🙂 Send me a private message on Facebook if you are interested.

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