Quotes and pics

“Last weekend I was in Cleveland, dancing my ass off into the wee hours with people from, well, all over! I’ve got lots of lovely memories of the marathon – but what sticks with me the most is this: I love tango because I see so much diversity – people of all shapes and sizes and preferences and backgrounds dancing together. And I saw this in abundance at the Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do at a milonga (besides the obvious) is to sit and just drink in the energy of the floor – to watch the intimate stories play out between partners. To see those small, fleeting moments of joy, sorrow, playfulness, connection that link us all to our humanity. Thank you, Adam Hoopengardner, Alberto Ramos Cordero, Micaela Colleen Barrett, and all the DJ’s and volunteers, and DANCERS(!) for such a lovely swim in the poop of love.”

–  Catherine Young (Madison, WI)

“There are classy tango events and then there are the tango events where I can picture Hunter S. Thompson reclined in a corner holding court and doing mescaline. This is the latter. The Cleveland Tango Marathon is unique in that it doesn’t try to be a Tango SPECTACLE. It’s a tango party. People wander back from the circa 1950’s bowling lanes, dance tango in their leather soled bowling shoes, have a beer with some friends and find time for a quick pool game before interacting with high level dancers from around the states. If you’re looking for a relaxed environment to meet new friends, hang with some old ones, and dance some great D’arienzo’s I think Cleveland is the place to be. If you disagree however you can take it up with me at the marathon. I’ll definitely be there.”

-Alberto Ramos (NYC)

“The Cleveland Tango Marathon rocks! A Weekend of tango meets old retro Bowling Alley. Add some great drinks in mason jars and some amazing fish tacos. Or, trade tango shoes for bowling shoes and bowl as much as you want. Play some pool or just dance. This is a weekend not to miss!”
-Travis Widrick (Buffalo, Ny)

“Cuyahooga means tango in lunfardo, it does, go ask yer mother”

– Randy Alan Fisher (Michigan)

“Absolutely the most ridiculous fun I’ve had at a tango event. I can’t wait for this year!”
– Joeseph Franciosa (NYC)

“An exciting event!  The music was inspiring, dancing awesome, and the venue very, very welcoming indeed.  Can I say more?  Will return for sure!”

– Slava Epstein (Boston)

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