At the Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon we take your health very seriously.
We will be doing everything we can to ensure a safe and healthy experience in 2021 and beyond.

Please send us proof of vaccination or bring proof when you arrive.
You email a photo of your vaccination card here:

As of 7/27/2021 the CDC announced that masks should be worn indoors even among vaccinated people when in a high risk area.
Ohio, and more specifically, Cuyahoga County are NOT considered high risk areas.

Click here to see more:

The dance space at the marathon will only be open to vaccinated people, therefore we will be maintaining our policy of optional mask wearing inside the dance space.
Mahalls 20 lanes is not making mask wearing mandatory in public spaces. So if you are not comfortable we recommend wearing your mask while in those areas.
There will be a bar in the dance space for anyone who does not wish to go to the restaurant for a drink but the hours will be limited each evening.

Please be aware that the bar/ restaurant area as well as all other shared spaces outside of the dance space are open to the public so we can not control who comes and goes in those areas. You may want to wear your mask if it makes you feel more comfortable.

If you would like to get tested for any reason there are an abundance of places in the area to get tested. It’s free and quick.

– Walgreen’s, 14815 Madison Ave, a few blocks from the venue, for one.

Thank you –
Adam, Micaela, and Tito!

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