Our DJ’s

We are very excited to be bringing you some of the best DJ’s from around the country.

Cigdem (Ciko) Tanik

Ciko has been DJing since 2009. She has experience with both Traditional and Alternative Tango Music since she ran weekly and monthly events in NYC that had both rooms. She has DJ’d at big and small events in the NYC and various communities and festivals around the US over the years.. to name a few; Montreal Nuevo Festival, Chicago Tango Week, Philadelphia Tango Festival, Florida Keys Marathon, Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon, Miami Sunshine Tango Festival, San Francisco Nora’s Tango Week, Tango Abrazo Festival NYC.. 
She does not discriminate between different eras of Tango Music. She likes a wide range from 1920s to 2023! She loves discovering what moves her audience and dancers in the room so she can work together with them in creating a great event and a flow that works well for what the crowd that night needs. She gives as much importance to her Cortinas as her Tandas because she believes that they are instrumental in creating the vibe for the night.

Kimberly Scola

Kim came into the tango world in 2012 and promptly began to be interested in the music. After receiving encouragement from Cleveland organizers and DJs, she started working in her own community. She completed a series of DJ seminars with Hernán Prieto, which greatly influenced her technique and style. She has been working consistently since then, both locally and in other nearby communities. Kim’s style is best characterized as one that creates a positive, upbeat vibe with a focus on the subtle beauty and diversity of the music. She has a strong milonguero influence in her sets.

Rod Relucio

In the tango world, Rod is known more as a teacher, performer, and organizer.  However, Rod is also receiving rave reviews as a Djay.  He creates a playlist that causes waves of emotion and energy, keeping the dancers engaged throughout the night.  Rod focuses on traditional music that keeps the dancers on the floor until the very end of the milongas.  He has djay’d in festivals, marathons, and milongas all over the U.S. and abroad.  His most recent events included Tango Maya Fest, 4th Holiday Tango Weekemd, 2023 Miami Tango Marathon, and Bourbon Tango Weekend.

Steven Thull

Steven is a tango dancer, DJ, and photographer. He lives in Rochester, NY, where he has been organizing milongas and teaching classes since 2017. As a tango photographer, he is known for capturing the special moments that happen on the dancefloor. As a DJ, his focus is to provide the right music to create those moments. Steven approaches every milonga with an attentive eye on the ronda, a keen ear for the music, a large collection of quality recordings, and a passion to put it all together for the dancers.

Marco Bruschtein

Introduced to Tango in childhood by his family, Marco was never
interested in dancing until fate intervened after a tumultuous amorous
Fifteen years later, passionately immersed in Tango, the journey
continues with Dj’ing in the US and abroad.  Playing and performing
music from the very young age of 8, Marco grew to understand how music
can affect and guide one’s emotions.  He brings this same knowledge to
the milonga to create a rich, passionate and moving experience on the

With more time on his hands during the pandemic, Marco did another
deep dive into
tango, studying orchestras, musicality and history online with Horacio
Godoy.  He has poured this knowledge back into both dancing and DJ’ing
helping him create the tango soundscapes we all crave on the dance floor.

Currently, Marco organizes the “Community Milonga” in Ann Arbor, MI
which turns 15 this April and continues to compose and perform music
Don’t be surprised if you see him with his guitar at a milonga

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